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Heading South

 ‘Saturday 1st June found a packed coach leaving “Evan” heading south to Dover Castle with friends and family of the Men’s Fellowship for their annual outing.
After a dedication prayer we were off and soon enjoying the sunshine and clear visibility that allowed a commanding panoramic view of the French coastline enhanced by wartime binoculars in the observation bunker.
On arrival we were given a map which revealed the true size of the venue and numerous places of interest which gave us a problem as to which to visit and in what order!  We did our best at this aided by a ‘land train’.
Dover’s Great Tower exhibition featuring the colourful life of Henry ||
WW1 Fire Command Post and Port War Signal Station
Pharos (Roman lighthouse)
St. Mary-in-Castro Saxon church
A myriad of tunnels dating from the siege of 1216 and more modern ones which housed command centres, administration and hospital facilities and the like, and last but not least was a visit to the NAAFFI for the refreshment that we all desperately needed!
One could not help but transpose oneself into other periods in history and what life was like at that time, not least with thoughts of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.  English Heritage did a fine job in helping with this which, put together with a chance to make new friends and cement relationships with older ones, made for a memorable day out.
The Men’s Fellowship regularly have visiting speakers from a variety of organisations (the talks concluding with an epilogue) which with occasional lunches and the outing together makes the programme a good vehicle for conversation, fellowship and, indeed, friendship.