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Four Kinds of Christmas 

As a bit fun with an important message to go with it, please have a look at the quiz below. Decide whether you are most like A, B, C or D for each question.  Then, read the summary underneath which helps us think about how we might see Christmas. Oh, and they all begin with 'S'.
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quizStable Mostly A's: Stable - You enjoy a traditional Christmas but don't necessarily go wild on festivities. You recognise that Christmas can be hard but you also think it's true meaning is worth celebrating. Perhaps you struggle to know how to balance celebration and simplicity. 

QuizSanta Mostly B's: Santa - You wish it could be Christmas every day. If you could choose a word o describe Christmas it wold be "magical". For you the big day is full of family and feasting but you might struggle to sympathise with those who find it hard.

QuizShopper Mostly C's: Shopper - You know how to celebrate. Your Christmases come in shiny wrapping with an expensive price tag. There’s plenty of fun, food and friends on the big day but perhaps there’s also a large bill and a bit of a let-down in January.

QuizScrooge Mostly D's: Scrooge - You are the money saving expert of the festive season. You prefer a quieter, simpler Christmas (or no Christmas at all!). Self-reliance and realism are your strengths but perhaps you need to work on the true hope and joy of Christmas.

The four kinds of Christmas illustrate four ways that we might handle the struggles of life.
Which do you lean towards?
Christmas begins with Christ for a reason, in fact, its the whole reason. Christmas reminds us of God's gift to mankind through His son Jesus, born in a stable, and growing up knowing what it is like to live like us. Jesus is simply the single best gift we could ever have been given. But to receive the benefit of the gift, you have to accept it from the giver. God wants you to receive the gift He has ready for you right now.
In the Bible we read this promise. "For God so loved 'You' that he gave his one and only Son, that if 'You' believe in Him, 'You' will not perish but have eternal life." This has been personalised, using the word 'You' make the point that, this is personal. Read it yourself from John 3 v16. If you don't have a Bible, we will send you one.

Watch the short video clip HERE to see another part of our site that explains what Christianity is all about.
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