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Sunday Services 

Decide on the service below that interests you, then roll over and click on the title to watch or hear the full service. As these are only the most recent 30 services, please click on the All Audio/Video link, to the right, to see all recorded services and other resources.

Title "From Hard Work to Hard Heart’". Our Bible reading is from Luke 15: 11-31
Matthew Stratton
Title "From ‘Give Me’ to ‘Forgive Me’". Our Bible reading is from Luke 15:1-3,11-24
Chris Knowles
Title "Wash. Worship. Witness". Our Bible reading is from Psalm 51
Matthew Stratton
Title "But If Not…". Our Bible reading is from Daniel chapter 3
Matthew Stratton
Title "Pentecost: Filled With The Spirit". Our Bible reading is from Acts Chapter 2
Matthew Stratton
Title "The Ascension: End of Part One". Our Bible reading is from Acts 1:1-11
Matthew Stratton
Title 'Were Not Our Hearts Burning?'. Our Bible reading is from Luke 24:13-35
Matthew Stratton
Peter will be talking from Psalm 46 and his title is 'War and Peace'
Peter Baker
Title 'Beating the Blues' Psalm 42,43
Simon Percy
Title 'A Covid-19 response like Elijah's'. 1 Kings 19:1-18
Matthew Stratton
Title: 'Who is Jesus, and what does He ask of us?'. Matthew 16:21-28
Steve Dunn
Our reading is from Matthew 26:36-46, & 28:1-10. Title: 'Two Gardens'
Matthew Stratton
Our Bible reading is from Luke 23:1-49 and the title is: 'Today in Paradise'
Matthew Stratton
Title: Who is this Man, Riding on a Donkey? Bible reading: Matthew 21:1-11
Matthew Stratton
David speaks from the Bible passage in 1 Peter 1;1-9
David Wilkinson
Mothers Day message from our visiting speaker, Colin Frampton, Previous associate Pastor and long time friend of Romford Evan.
Colin Frampton
Baptismal Service
Matthew Stratton
Enoch Adekoya
Keith Ferdinando
Matthew Stratton
Gary Seithel