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Sunday Club SundayClub

Every Sunday morning during the church service we have age appropriate sessions for young children in Sunday Club.
Whilst parents or carers are taking part in the church service, the children have thier own time and space for craft, bible stories and engaging activities that help them learn the truths and stories of the Bible.
A creche is avaible for the youngest children and babies at the same time. 

When: Every Sunday morning
Safeguarding: We ask that when you take your children out to Sunday Club, on the first occasion, that you let the leaders know your contact details. 
Drop off: Everyone starts together in the main church building and within 15mins, the children leave with their parents for their different club rooms, then the parents return to the church.
Pick up: When the service is finished, you can go and pick up your children from their club rooms. They will be waiting for you, in the room, with the leader.
Craft: Dont forget to pick up the topic craft that they will invariable make.
Ask: Please do ask your children what went on in their Sunday Club and what they learned.

We look forward to your children's company in Sunday Club.

If you have any questions, please contact us on ...
Phone: 01708 769868